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Almost 5 years ago, I realized many of my dreams to do what I love and live for and from my passions:


  • To do a yoga teacher training. At the beginning « just for me » and to deepen my practice. 🧘‍♀️ 
  • To do an MBA. I wasn’t sure at the time why I wanted to go back to school and do it. I just felt this call to do it because it would help me to realize this « bigger than me » mission.🤓 
  • To be on stage for the MBA valedictorian speech, just like in the movies when you see a student from the class giving the speech in front of the fellow students, teachers and families. (Even more challenging for me to be in front of hundreds of people but I wanted to show I could do it). 👩‍🎓 
  • To go to Bali and feel its vibes. Bali… which I only knew from the movie « Eat, Pray, Love. » 🌴 
  • To welcome a cat (yet two) into my home by imagining it would be on my lap when I work on my laptop or on my yoga mat when I practice. 😻 


Yes, I did all this in addition to my full time job in marketing and communication (crazy ) and the announcement of the diagnosis of a chronic disease.


Everything could have turned upside down and not come true, as with this crisis that has appeared and put a lot of things into question or perspective in our lives and business.


And yet, I was able to realize my dreams with (and not in spite of) the environment and conditions of the moment.
It was an investment and hard work, but everything was done with naturalness, ease and fluidity. Like a yoga flow…


It is this flow, this fluidity and ease, that I really wish for you and your activity in these always uncertain times. 💛


So it really saddens me and hurts me (I feel you, as an empath) to see yoga or wellness teachers and therapists feeling uncertain or not knowing what to do, or not having deployed themselves as they should (for different reasons) when their work in the service of others is more than today (and also tomorrow;) necessary. I clearly see a gap and a waste for the well-being and harmony of all, teachers, therapists, students, the world….


If the pandemic is still there, as well as the measures still present, we cannot resume our activities as we used to do with it. We have to live with the virus and our business too. This opens up the field of all possibilities and great opportunities for you and your business.


 We have to live with the virus and our business too. This opens up the field of all possibilities and great opportunities for you and your business.


This is why I have decided to offer a free workshop « OM & BUSINESS FLOW – Reinventing your business in uncertain times » on May 29th at 19:30.


I will teach you the ingredients to get that flow, to overcome this period and to recover from this phase with flow and (re)awaken the yoga leader that is in you with Heart & Soul.

You will also learn:
– what your priority Nr.1 is today
– the 3 most important questions you need to ask yourself today to be able to continue or start living from your passion tomorrow
– the mistake to avoid that most of the big-hearted yoga teachers and therapists I meet and know make.


Click here to register for the free workshop « OM & BUSINESS FLOW in uncertain times »:


By showing up live, you will receive a list of the essential tools and materials I use for my online classes and in my business. Nothing very complicated and expensive, only very practical things that I have been able to appreciate after many, many, many comparisons and tests.
There will be no replay and only those who show up live will have access to this list.


This FREE WORKSHOP is for YOU if :
You’re a yoga teacher or therapist with a big heart and want to:

  • Be fully active in overcoming this period and lay a good foundation for the future.
  • Make a difference knowing you have a bigger purpose and have a greater positive impact in this world
  • Live (or continue to live) your passion in a sustainable and profitable way
  • More confidence and alignment in growing your biz with your heart and soul.


Looking forward to seeing you at the workshop!


Namasté !




N.B : there will be no replay (I want it interactive) so make sure you register here https://bit.ly/2WiljBu and show up live get a copy of the life and biz tools and material I use almost everyday.


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