Doshas for a prosperous yoga and well-being business

May 16, 2023 | Business & Mindset

For yoga teachers and natural health and wellness professionals

When you become self-employed or independent in the field of yoga or well-being, it is often to turn to a passion and a project of meaning, to regain freedom. We have the ambition to live from our passion in a sustainable, conscious and aligned way. We have not left the business world to fall back into the to do, the lack of time for ourselves and others, which is important to us…

As a therapist in well-being (yoga, naturopathy…), Ayurveda can help us in our personal life as well as our professional activity. How? By using doshas at the right time for the right tasks to be done in your business (strategy, daily tasks, organization, appointment…).

Let’s review what Ayurveda is and how this ancestral Indian medicine can help us at work.

In our business, Vata, Pitta and Kapha each manifest themselves in a unique way to support us in our various activities.

The doshas

Ayurveda is an ancestral traditional medicine originating in India that means “science of life” or “knowledge of life”.

Ayurvedic wisdom consists of universal laws of life that apply not only to human beings and health, but more generally to a global life in harmony with oneself. This therefore also concerns his professional life and his choice of career or reconversion in yoga, naturopathy, well-being…

To do this, Ayurveda is based on the three energies (called doshas) vata, pitta and kapha.

It is only when all three are present in a balanced way in our lives and therefore also in his business that we are in our balance and find fluidity and ease in what we do. Things are lining up, the right people come to meet us, we do not force or lose energy. It’s fluid and natural.

In our business, Vata, Pitta and Kapha each manifest themselves in a unique way to support us in our various activities.

Doshas in his yoga and well-being activity


Vata governs movement, traffic.

Vata is important in her company, because she encourages creativity and innovation. We can let ourselves go to dream, imagine great projects, beautiful initiatives to change the world. We will see that Kapha and there to keep our feet on the ground. She brings vision, ideas, imagination, aesthetics also for the creation of visuals for her courses and workshops…

An excess of Vata will be manifested by dispersion, unstarted or completed projects, a commitment to too many projects and initiatives that we do not know how to hold except with a lot of stress and consuming a lot of energy. The main thing will thus be to channel.


This is the principle of transformation.

Pitta manifests itself for your passion for yoga, naturopathy, well-being, personal development, helping people… It is she who allows you to keep your motivation to do what you love and get up every morning and continue to do what you are made for. It is also Pitta who confers perseverance, self-esteem and leadership potential. After all, you have become the head of your company. Pitta will also allow you to establish your professional side, set the right rates for your services, set the limits of a healthy and sustainable business.


This is the framework and the structure. Anchoring to reality.

The framework is, for example, service contracts, conditions of modification or cancellation, cookie and personal data protection policies… It is the teacher’s posture and the framework that will bring a professional image, all in benevolence and mutual respect. It is an essential point in her profession that we develop in our training in yoga, ayurveda and naturopathy and women’s health (endometriosis, fertility, LDCs, pregnancy loss, stress and anxiety…).

It allows you to give your company a solid foundation, to follow the steps from A to Z without letting go to shortcuts that can be expensive in time and money, energy and morale.

Kapha offers his company a solid foundation in the form of appropriate know-how, proven strategies and stability.

Important dates are respected (even those we don’t like like counting or delegating, even better). It is also to preserve moments for oneself, to relax, recover, regenerate, to invest in oneself with a retirement or vacation, to acquire the knowledge that will make us grow as well as our activity.

We all naturally have one or the other dominating dosha, or several. This can also be reflected in our yoga and natural health company and our entrepreneurial side in well-being. It can be useful to invest in yourself through training, coaching, mentoring, tools or to delegate to ensure that you live well and develop your passion profession in yoga and well-being.

If you are in retraining, start your activity in yoga and well-being or want to start on a new solid foundation for you and your business, do not miss the opportunity to join us for the Business Essentials course this summer. A 4-week course for (future) yoga teachers and therapists in well-being and natural health (naturopathy, ayurveda, sophrology, etc.) in order to lay the foundations for a prosperous and fulfilling activity.

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