Yoga and natural health, mindfulness facilitator, certified in yogatherapy, university graduate in yoga and health and naturopath.

A teacher and lecturer in yogatherapy and natural health, and a mindfulness facilitator, I specialize in women’s health and in particular in endometriosis, which I myself suffer from.

I started accompanying women with endometriosis in 2016. Today, I lead workshops, conferences and certified trainings in yoga, ayurveda and naturopathy applied to stress management and women’s health, endometriosis and adenomyosis in distance learning, in yoga studios, health centers and naturopathy schools. My teaching methods combine Western knowledge of the body and mind (science, biochemistry, neuroscience) with the traditional disciplines of yoga, mindfulness and ayurveda. I emphasize a caring, holistic and integrative approach.

I am also a lecturer at the Academy of Naturopathy in Luxembourg and have contributed to numerous publications on yoga, natural health and ayurveda. I am the author of the book Mieux vivre l’endométriose au naturel published by Editions Leduc written in French and published in March 2022.

I am also co-founder of Healthential, a platform dedicated to natural health that offers personalized advice and highly bioavailable food supplements in an eco-responsible approach.



With kindness & wisdom

My values

Compassion and empathy


Generosity in sharing and transmission
Kindness, Deep listening, No judgement

Balance and harmony

Fun facts

I have given yoga classes on rooftops in India and under the Eiffel Tower.

HSP, multi-passionate, eternal student, idealistic, yes, it’s me

I have several activities and hats, but they all have the vocation to contribute “May you, all beings, and the planet be and live happy, healthy, free and in peace” through education and its practice.

Cat lover. Mom of 2 British shorthair with french passport living in France or Luxembourg.

Book lover. I feel good on the mat and surrounded by books. I always have at least 3 books in my bag and a stack of about 10 books on my bedside table. When I travel, bookstores are a must.

I once slept on a trampoline.

I could have worn the hakama in aikido (but I stopped when I had this “level”)

“Be your own healer, heroe and leader”

Yung Pueblo

Academics & certifications :

  • Conseillère en aromathérapie, ADNR Formation
  • Naturopathe, Carol Panne et ADNL
  • Maître Reiki, niveau 1,2 et 3, Katia Deltor
  • Santé de la femme, Femina, Canada
  • Ingénieure en agro spécialisée en nutrition humaine, Polytec’Lille et ENSAIA
  • Biochimiste, Université Henri Poincaré, Nancy
  • BTS Diététique (en cours)
  • Diplôme Universitaire Yoga & Santé, Université de Lorraine
  • Yogathérapie, IDYT, Dr Lionel Coudron
  • Yogathérapie pour les personnes en stress, anxiété, burnout, choc post-traumatique, Jilian Pransky
  • Formation initiale de 200hrs RYT Yoga Alliance
  • KidoKids yoga teacher
  • Yoga de la femme
  • Yoga for pelvic pain
  • Restorative Yoga, Jilian Pransky
  • Master en Marketing, ICN Business School
  • MBA – Sacred-Heart University, Jack Welch College
  • Naturopath, Carol Panne and Académie De Naturopathie Luxembourg (ADNL)
  • Ayurveda for women
  • Aromatherapy, ADNR Formation
  • Reiki, level 1,2 and 3, Katia Deltor
  • Women’s health, Femina, Canada
  • Gemmotherapy, Anne Van Bockstaele, ADNL
  • Engineering diploma specialized in human nutrition, Polytec’Lille and ENSAIA, France
  • Biochemistry, Université Henri Poincaré, Nancy, France
  • RD Dietetititian (ongoing)
  • University degree in Yoga & Health, Université de Lorraine, France
  • Yogatherapy, IDYT, Dr Lionel Coudron, France
  • Yogatherapy for stress, anxiety, burn-out, depression, PTSD, Jilian Pransky, New York
  • 200hrs Yoga teacher training, RYT Yoga Alliance
  • KidoKids yoga teacher
  • Yoga for women
  • Yoga for pelvic pain
  • Yin yoga, Loka Yoga school, Bali
  • Restorative Yoga, Jilian Pransky
  • Mindfulness, MNDFL, New York
  • Master in Marketing, ICN Business School, France
  • MBA – Sacred-Heart University, Jack Welch College, Connecticut